The special duty rate for special duty deputies is set by the collective bargaining unit agreement between the Delaware County Deputy Sheriff’s bargaining unit (OPBA – Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association) and the Delaware County Sheriff.

The following are current rates:

Deputy fee          – $45.00 an hour, with a three (3) hour minimum
Supervisor fee    – $49.00 an hour, with a three (3) hour minimum
Cruiser fee          – $15.00 an hour

Special Duty Requests, Questions or Concerns should be emailed to

Special duty is considered secondary employment by our Office and deputies voluntarily sign up to work these details and cannot be mandated to do so.  While many deputies chose to work these types of duties, the Office receives numerous request for various special duty jobs and at times they do not all get filled due to conflicts or lack of interest.

Special Duty is managed via an on-line software called PowerDETAILS.   Invoicing and payment are also handled through this software and payments to deputies are made via ACH (1% fee) or Credit Card (3.9% fee).  It is the responsibility of the “employer” and/or the deputy to satisfy federal tax requirements (1099s or deputy self-reporting).

Organizations / Employers for Special Duty Assignments will receive an account in PowerDETAILs that will allow on-line viewing of the status of requested assignments, billing/invoicing information, and the ability to complete on-line request for future assignments.

Organizations that employ a special duty assignment may cancel  the assignment.  Cancellations must be done three (3) hours prior to the start of the assignment.  Any organization that fails to cancel the assignment three (3) hours prior to the show up time of the deputy, will be charged a three (3) hour minimum fee.  Should you need to contact the office concerning a short notice cancellation or an imminent concern please call 740-833-2800 and ask to speak to the Patrol Duty Supervisor.

Special duty should be scheduled at a minimum of seven (7) business days (M-F) in advance.  As there are numerous requests for special duty to our Office, we recommend requesting coverage well in advance.

The following information is needed for scheduling special duty:

  • Date of Job
  • Requested start time and anticipated completion time
  • Company/Organization Requesting with billing address, email and phone
  • Duty Contact – person that will be present and/or should be contacted in the event of questions or concerns
  • Type of duty – Security / Traffic / Both
  • Is a cruiser requested
  • Number of Deputies requested (This will be reviewed any may require more or a supervisor based on nature of event)
  • Any Special Instructions / Concerns / Known or suspected issues Example of PowerDetails

To complete a Special Duty Request click here