Please do NOT report crimes or suspicious activity using these forms. Call 9-1-1 if this is an emergency. For non-emergencies, call 740-833-2800.

To submit a compliment or complaint, or for general inquiries, select the appropriate box below and complete the form. We greatly appreciate when residents take the time to reach out to us and share their feedback. Whether it’s good, bad, or otherwise, this input is often a means for us to self-reflect and improve our services.  For any other specific inquiries, see the e-mail addresses/phone numbers list below the boxes.

Below are some of the most commonly called services at the Sheriff’s Office.

If you need something not listed, please contact the Public Information Officer at (740) 833-2817 or e-mail:


Public Records Requests – (740) 833-2872

Constitutional/Concealed Carry & Fingerprinting – (740) 833-2801

Inmate Information – (740) 833-2840

Warrants/Civil Papers – (740) 833-2890

Victims Advocates & Sex Offender Registry – (740) 833-2845

Property & Impound Lot – (740) 833-2808

Sheriff Sales – (740) 833-2868

Drug Task Force/Drug Tips – (740) 833-2790

Detective Bureau/Crime Tips – (740) 833-2830

House Check – (740) 833-2800   Sheriff House Check Form