VISION: Protecting People, Their Property, and Their Rights

MISSION: Legitimacy through Protecting and Serving with Empathy, Competency, and Diligence. To be known as one of Ohio’s finest by Upholding the Constitution and Applying the Rule of Law.

CORE VALUES: Integrity. Courage. Discipline. Loyalty. Diligence. Humility. Optimism. Conviction.


The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office is as old as the county … having formed in 1808 with Solomon D. Smith elected as the County’s first Sheriff. It only took a total of 32 votes when he won the election! Some 42 Sheriffs later and with a population topping 220,000, Delaware County’s rapid growth remains one of the biggest challenges – and opportunities.

Though rich in history and tradition, the Sheriff’s Office today also prides itself on its ability to protect and serve the community in the most advanced and progressive manner possible. Technology has enabled law enforcement agencies nationwide to respond faster and communicate better. Community engagement programs help ensure we stay connected with our residents’ needs and expectations.

Located 25 miles north of the State’s capitol of Columbus, Delaware County encompasses 459 square miles, of which 1,300 miles are roadways and 14 are water.  Learn more about the County’s composition and growth at


The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for:

  • Patrolling all unincorporated areas
  • Enforcement of all laws
  • Investigation of misdemeanor and felonious crimes
  • Servicing the courts
  • Providing and maintaining a jail

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office has mutual aid relationships with other law enforcement agencies to help provide coverage and safety for all residents. Fun Fact: the word “sheriff” comes from the Old English words “shire” and “reeve,” meaning an official who kept the king’s peace in the countryside. Now you know!


History: see a complete list of all of Delaware County’s 42 Sheriffs, including bios, years of service, and photos by visiting the History of the DCSO

Line of Duty Death: read the story of our only deputy to die in the line of duty here.

Records Retention: see a copy of the Sheriff’s Office Records Retention Schedule by visiting Delaware County Records Website.

Social Media Policy: DCSO Social Media Comment Policy

Snow/Ice Emergency Levels: As defined by Ohio Revised Code

When Levels are issued and lifted, it will be immediately communicated:

  1. On the home page of this website at the very top of the page;
  2. On our social media pages: Facebook, X/Twitter, and Instagram;
  3. Through all of the local news media outlets: TV, radio, and newsprint;
  4. Via TEXT to those who have signed up for Snow Level Alerts (to sign up, simply text DELCOSNOW to 888777).

Please note: If you’d like to receive other notifications, such as several weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service, emergency evacuation notices, and critical law enforcement information, sign up for DelCo Alerts here:


Level 1: Highways and roadways are snow/ice covered.

Level 2: Roadways have ice and blowing/drifting snow. Drive cautiously. Unnecessary travel is discouraged.

Level 3: All roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel. No one should be out during these conditions unless it is absolutely necessary to travel. Employees should contact their employers to see if they should report to work. Those traveling on the roadways may be subject to arrest.