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Delaware County, Ohio, Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Russell Martin


(740) 833-2810


(740) 833-2809


149 N. Sandusky St., 2nd Floor
Delaware, OH 43015

Term Expires


Helping teens be the best drivers they can be!

Empowering women through our Self-Defense Course (and yes, she broke free of his hold!).

Four drug busts in his 1st five days on the job! We’ll keep this dynamic duo! 

Honor Guard proudly ‘carrying the colors’ in the annual All-Horse Parade.

Training. Training. And more training. We are firearms-ready.

Bring on the Git Up Challenge! (But we won’t quit our day jobs!)

K-9 Unit! Cash, Essac & Kahless

Did we mention the importance of continuous training?! 

A thankful mom met the dispatcher who was the calm voice during a storm (aka a missing child).

We congratulate our newest Citizens Academy alumni.

OLSD R Martin Womens Self Defense Kahless & Brandon Honor Guard 2019 All-Horse Parade gun range training Git Up Challenge K9-31 COs CPR training Dispatcher Amanda citizen thank you CSA 2019 Class for frame