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Delaware County has 5 large Medication Drop Boxes for any resident to safely and conveniently dispose of unused or outdated prescription medications. It is not required, but for space and ease of incineration, we ask for pills to be removed from their Rx bottle and placed in a bag/baggie prior to dropping into the disposal box.

For the disposal of pens/needles, per the US FDA, place insulin pens, syringes, lancets or other needles or inhalers in a sharps container or a heavy-duty plastic household container, such as a laundry detergent container, before placing into the trash.

Delaware County’s drop boxes were purchased and installed in 2013 as part of a collaborative effort with Drug-Free Delaware, Delaware City Police, and the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.


Delaware County Jail – 844 US 42 N., Delaware, 43015 (open 24 hours)

Delaware City Police Dept – 70 N. Union St., Delaware, 43015 (740/203-1111 for hours)

Genoa Township Police Dept – 7049 Big Walnut Rd., Galena, 43021 (614/568-2060 for hours)

Shawnee Hills Police Dept – 40 W. Reindeer Dr., Shawnee Hills, 43065 (614/889-8258 for hours)

Sunbury Police Dept – 9 E. Granville St., Sunbury, 43074 (740/965-1411 for hours)

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For more information, call or e-mail:
(740) 833-2817