Patrol Deputy       

At the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, we believe when you hire good people, provide them with quality training, and allow them to grow, you have a top-notch law enforcement agency where the focus is on the citizens and community we serve.

We are the primary law enforcement agency for Delaware County. We provide support and work closely with 12 other agencies, which have limited jurisdiction in the 457-square miles that comprise Delaware County. Current population is just over 200,000. In the state of Ohio, Delaware County is #1 in per capita income, median household and family incomes.  We are the 2nd highest paid deputies in the state of Ohio.

Patrol deputies do not work in the jail; Corrections Officers staff the jail.

The opportunities at the DCSO are endless. When you consider a job with the Sheriff’s Office, you have the ability to establish a career, create a legacy, and build a life. As the fastest growing County in Ohio, Delaware County has it all. It is a beautiful place where you can prosper, raise a family, enjoy night life and recreation, get involved, and give back to your community. As a patrol deputy …

  • Members of the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS), where Delaware County pays 2/3 and you pay 1/3.
  • Insured by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, you choose your coverage plan.
  • Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association representation, with 3-year contracts.
  • 4-Step top-out process, starting at $26.49/hour ($55,099.20 annual) and topped out at $36.07.hour ($75,025.60 annual), per 3-year contract, which ends 01-01-2020 when a new contract will be negotiated.
  • Compensated while attending peace officer training academy. 
  • Overtime is awarded at time and one half in either pay or comp time.
  • Compensation day awarded for every six months for not using sick time.
  • Accumulation of 4.6 hours of sick time each pay period.
  • Vacation time is 2 weeks for years 1-5; 3 weeks for years 6-14; 4 weeks for years 15-19; and 5 weeks for 20+ years.
  • Ability to accumulate up to 600 hours of vacation, 160 hours of compensation time, and unlimited sick time.
  • Accumulated time can be cashed out upon retirement at current contract rates at 1 hour to 1 hour ratio for vacation and compensation time.
  • Accumulated sick time can also be cashed out at retirement at a ratio of 4 hours sick to 1 hour of pay.
  • Accumulated Holiday Compensation Time of 12 Days per year can be used as time off or cashed out in the month of December or converted to Regular Comp. Time
  • Longevity pay is spread over 26 pay periods and is as follows: $600 for years 5-9; $1,100 for years 10-14; $1,600 for years 15-19; and $2,600 for years 20-24.
  • Yearly bonus for successful graduate degrees: Associates = $250; Bachelors = $550; Masters = $750. Tuition Plan is also available.
  • $40.00/hour special duty rate, with a 3-hour minimum per assignment

If you have questions about the deputy position or the hiring process, please contact our Human Resources Department: or 740-833-2873.