Current Operational Changes in Effect During COVID-19. 

Updates and additions will appear below in red.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we all navigate uncharted territory in response to COVID-19. The goal of our temporary operational changes is to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the virus so that our front line first responders stay healthy and can continue to protect and serve the Delaware County community. 


Effective July 17th – Updated Nov. 18th to include curfew addition.
Delaware County was placed at a Level 3, Red Alert per the Ohio Dept. of Health, meaning residents are under the Executive Order to wear facial masks when in public.( following is the Sheriff’s Office official statement regarding this new Executive Order.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to upholding the Oath of Office to fully support the U.S. Constitution, the Constitution of the State of Ohio, and Ohio laws. While the Ohio Department of Health mandates the use of facial masks for counties at a Level 3, Red Alert, the Sheriff’s Office strongly encourages its residents to use masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and hopefully prevent another stay-at-home order. We will not proactively seek out those not in compliance with this mask order or the 21-day curfew addition.

If you believe you or others are at risk, please contact the Delaware General Health District so that they can investigate the concern and recommend the best action steps to address the health and safety of all. We continue to rely on our local experts at the Health District, who always have the health and safety of all Delaware County residents as their top priority.

As always, your Sheriff’s Office continues to focus on its vision statement: “Protecting people, their property, and their rights.”


Effective May 1st
Governor DeWine announces Director Acton’s new Stay Safe Ohio order that reopens businesses, with exceptions, and continues the Stay Healthy and Safe at Home Order. This remains in effect through May 29. Access the complete Order here:

Effective March 23 
Ohio’s Stay-at-Home Order was extended on April 2 and remains in effect through May 1. Access the complete Order here:  

  • Deputies will exercise broad discretion.
  • We will not intentionally seek out violators.
  • There are no planned checkpoints.
  • If deputies would encounter someone in response to a call for service, such as a traffic crash or a report of a suspicious person, etc. at that time we would inquire as to where they are headed and their reason for travel.
  • We will handle each incident on a case-by-case basis.   
  • Our expectation is that if you are traveling for an essential need, activity, or work, you will be going from Point A to Point B. In other words, should a deputy have contact with someone, the reason they provide for their travel should comply with the Governor’s and ODH Order.  
  • As our residents comply, deputies can direct their energy and services to where we’re needed. I.E.: responding to serious crimes, supporting victims, and assisting the elderly and fragile populations.
  • We ask residents to use caution in every decision related to their personal actions and the potential spread of COVID-19.
  • At the Sheriff’s Office, we want what every American surely wants at this time: to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in Ohio and to help protect our loved ones, friends, neighbors, and vulnerable populations.
  • We are ASKING employers – IF POSSIBLE – to assist law enforcement as much as they’re able.
    • EMPLOYERS: Providing your employees with an “Essential Worker” letter indicating they are required to work is a helpful tool – although not a requirement – for law enforcement should we come into contact with them during the normal course of our duties. The letter will help us to quickly verify employment and we would be able to expedite our contact.
    • The letter should include the following: printed on company letterhead, have employee’s name and work hours, address of work, employer contact name and 24/7 phone number, and be dated and signed.
    • EMPLOYEES: When traveling to and from work, please have in your possession your “Essential Worker” letter (if provided to you by your employer, if not, that is OK), driver’s license/government issued photo ID, and work ID. This will expedite any potential interaction we may have with you.

Effective March 16th

  • Our Dispatch Center and Deputies will continue taking calls for service, however, for those issues not requiring an in-person visit from a deputy, we will attempt to take the report over the phone. These types of calls will likely include non-violent, lower-level crimes/issues.
  • When our deputies respond to calls in person, we will practice safe distancing whenever possible, and to the best of our ability. We will ask residents to step outside of the house, when able. We remain in the life-saving business and while taking the necessary steps and precautions, we will continue to protect and serve our community.

Effective March 16th

  • All onsite VIDEO VISITATION is temporarily suspended. Each inmate will have the opportunity to receive one (1) free OFFSITE visit per week (the jail visitation week runs Sunday-Saturday). To schedule a visit, go to at any time to create a user account. One additional visit may be scheduled for each inmate, per day for the standard fee. Offsite visits take place on a computer or smartphone app from the visitor’s home. Visits must be scheduled at least one day prior to the visitation. Should you encounter any issues with creating an account, please contact ICS Visitation Support (888-646-9437).
  • Staff are screening ALL incoming inmates for COVID-19 symptoms, using a specific COVID-19 health questionnaire.
  • All inmate programs conducted by non-Delaware County personnel (volunteers) are temporarily suspended.

Effective May 18th
The Concealed Handgun License office will return to its normal schedule of 5 days a week. As always, appointments are required. Please visit our CHL page for all the details:

Effective April 17th

The Concealed Handgun License office is open with limited hours. We will take appointments for both new and renewal licenses on Tuesday and Wednesday each week, and appointments can be made via our website:  When you schedule your appointment you will receive this notice: When arriving for your appointment, please remain in the parking lot and we will call you at the time of your appointment for entry into the building. This measure is in place to ensure social distancing.

Out of an abundance of caution, the CHL office was temporarily closed to ensure the health and safety of our staff and CHL customers. To be compliant with Ohio law and to provide as safe as possible environment, we re-configured our confined office space and ordered additional PPE for staff.

Effective March 16th

  • All currently scheduled CHL appointments have been cancelled and we are no longer accepting new appointments for the time being. We will provide updates here and on the CHL web page regarding when we will begin scheduling appointments again. For any questions,


Effective April 17th
ingerprinting Services now require an appointment. Visit our website to schedule:


Effective April 2nd 

The Sheriff’s Office will provide Fingerprinting Services for those employers who are in need of hiring Essential Workers who will provide essential services to the community. If you have just been hired or are going through the hiring process and your employer conducts essential services to the community AND has required fingerprinting services for a background check, we can assist you! Please refer to the Ohio Dept. of Health’s Stay-at-Home order regarding essential employers/employees (
Please call or e-mail us to set up a Fingerprinting appointment: 740-833-2802 or When setting up your appointment, we will provide you with all of the pertinent information required, such as employer name & address, what you need to bring to your appointment, our location, etc.

Effective March 16th

  • We encourage the public to make any public records requests online via our website (Click Here) or by phone (740-833-2872). Please provide an e-mail address so we can respond to your request.


Effective May 21st
It was great while it lasted, but the Sheriff’s Office is no longer able to support birthday parade requests. During the Stay-at-Home order, our volume of calls for service was lower, and we enjoyed being able to participate in children’s birthday parades. But our call volume has steadily increased and we are no longer in a position to fulfill these requests. If you currently have a birthday parade scheduled with us, we WILL honor your request.

We thank the community for allowing us to interact with your children in this unique and special way during the COVID pandemic, and we appreciate everyone’s understanding why we can no longer sustain it. 

Also, we are still not yet taking any special event requests, but we evaluate this often and will post any updates here and on our Special Events page.

Effective March 16th

  • All special events have been suspended. Currently scheduled events have been cancelled and we will not be accepting any new requests until further notice. 
  • The April session of the Women’s Self-Defense class has been postponed. Rescheduled date TBD.

Effective March 16th

  • We will not be hiring at this time, although you can still submit an application for any open position. When this changes in the near future, we will announce it here and on our social media pages. For any questions,


Effective April 3rd
We regret that this summer’s 2020 SAFETY TOWN has been CANCELLED. We will not be making any decisions as to Safety Town 2021 details until COVID-19 is over and all operations have returned to normal. 
If you have questions: Please see our Safety Town page to access several easy lesson plans and presentations parents can do with their young children. 

Effective May 19th
Out of an abundance of caution and to help reduce the risk of exposure to our deputies, we are currently not accepting special duty assignments at potential large crowd gatherings. By limiting extended public interaction, we are helping ensure our deputies remain healthy and able to perform their role of serving and protecting all residents and County visitors. Direct any questions to


Effective March 30th
We can no longer accept the generous outpouring of food donations for our staff, due to an abundance of caution – and advice received from our local health professionals. Please know how much we greatly appreciate the offer and the community’s continued support of our work.

For questions regarding any other Sheriff’s Office operations, please call 740-833-2800 to be directed to the appropriate staff or submit an e-mail to:

For COVID-19 News & Information, refer to our local experts at the Delaware General Health District: (Click Here)